dreams come true

Celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's Day with us!

Number of ingredients is essential


emotea is hand packed with heart

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You'll find Magic Card in every tea

Magic for today

Accesories for make perfect emotea

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giving is a pleasure

choose wisely

Mindfulness tea with a message.

That's the best way to achieve peace and joy of life.

Simplest way to celebrate day as new beginning

I was going to the housewarming party and I was  looking for unusual gift. The chosen set with a teapress perfectly fitted info the modern kitchen. My friends was satisfied.


My mother-in-law liked the beautifully wrapped gift with small surprises.


The gift I've chosen was funny packed. My girlfriend was delighted :-)


Our story

 The idea was created by people from Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and China.
We all wanted to do something good for others and for ourselves. It was created during many conversations and attempts to do different things - both tasty and healthy for our body and spirit. Could we have come up with something better? Sure, but we made up the concept and immediately fell in love with it. It took us a year to make this happen and prepare the teas for you, teas that arouse emotions. emotea. We implemented this idea in Poland, adding a pinch of Slavic magic. To provide you with an opportunity to find your own way to your own emotions, to delve into mindfulness. Over a cup of our emotea.

Such a short,  simple and true story.

We invite everyone who wants to help us implement this idea.
Work with us or just enjoy our emotea.