Autumn teas


autumn, a cup of tea will be both soothing and healthy.

For tea drinkers, autumn is the season when they look for warm autumn colours and add various fruits (e.g. emotea Good Feeling oranges and emotea Smile strawberries) or spices. The most popular teas for autumn are those with warming spices. Cinnamon, cloves and ginger come first in blends (emotea Ninja), but turmeric, cardamom, aniseed or even the more spicy pepper, allspice (emotea Energy Boost) and chilli are increasingly popular.
Spices are worth using because they have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, as well as other magical powers, such as allspice, which strengthens immunity and protects our heart. However, spices should also be used with caution.

Tea blends that surprise

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on earth. We all know it, although not everyone appreciates it. Throughout the years, tea in its various forms has been known for its health benefits and unique taste. Tea blends combine elements of art and science when selected tea is combined with the right additive to enhance aroma, taste and health.
If you are a tea connoisseur and like to tickle your taste buds from time to time, you will surely delight in the taste of tea with the addition of chrysanthemum, prickly pear flower (emotea Assent) or pomegranate (emotea Excite). Yes, it is not only their fruits that have health-promoting properties, but the exotic flowers too.
Chrysanthemum (from Greek chrysos - golden and anthemon - flower), which we know well from our gardens, has been used for centuries as a medicine against colds, bacteria and viruses (thanks to high content of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and selenium compounds), and it fights inflammations. In addition, it looks magical when brewed - the flowers unfurl their petals floating on the surface, a honey aroma with floral notes floats above the cup. Doesn't that sound appealing? You will find chrysanthemum in emotea Zen.

Herbs in tea or as tea

In addition to flowers and fruit, herbs can also be found in tea blends. Of course, in addition to our own wonderful domestic herbs, there are also those that, like tea itself, have come to us from the furthest corners of the world. Hyssop, purges or maybe Damiana? - each herb brings health-promoting properties for the coming autumn. Hyssop will have an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, purgative will strengthen the organism and cleanse it from toxins, and Damiana - will support in states of tension and stress (it will also improve libido:)).
Just remember to read the contraindications for the use of a particular herb, as herbs often interact not only with other herbs, but also with medications and what we consume, and not all of them are safe for nursing and pregnant women, as well as small children.

And finally, the cherry on top.... in tea

The addition of vanilla or chocolate will help melt into the flavour of your tea, having a soothing and mood-boosting effect. Try our Joy of life emotea :-)

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