emotea Smile - why is it so special

We begin a series of stories about our teas, why they are so special.

This ingredient of emotea tea makes not only children but also adults smile :-) Liquorice root (Licorice root).

emotea lukrecja

Who does not know liquorice candy?

Not everyone liked their taste (like me), but everyone has tried them or will try them at least once. Liquorice has been known since ancient times for two reasons. Firstly, because of its wide range of healing and properties, secondly - and for some the most important - as a healthy sweetness. 

So let's start with the sweetness of liquorice - it is sweeter than white sugar about 50 times, and yet it prevents caries! This is confirmed by scientific research that consumption of sugar-free sweets with liquorice in the composition inhibits the development of caries among the smallest ones. And also that liquorice can support root canal treatment of teeth, reduce the amount of tartar and discoloration. And how not to value it? And liquorice candies could be bought already in the sixteenth century...

emotea cukierki lukrecja




And now, in short, the miraculous healing power of the liquorice root :-)
- supports the treatment of the upper respiratory tract (increases mucus secretion, alleviates laryngeal irritation, relieves dry cough, reduces muscle tension in the alveoli, facilitates expectoration), including asthma
- supports the treatment of diseases of the stomach, duodenum, liver (has the ability to regenerate mucous membrane)
- antibacterial (destroys Helicobacter Pyliori, prevents the formation of ulcers)
- antiviral (destroys respiratory disease viruses, hepatitis B viruses, vesicular stomatitis, reduces the incidence of Herpes - herpes virus and type A influenza)
- improves memory and facilitates learning (promotes long-term memory, delays Alzheimer's disease)
- counteracts atherosclerosis (reduces blood triglyceride levels and fat absorption from food)
- supports slimming (reduces the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and controls glucose levels, stimulates the digestive system and liver to clear excess fat)
- It has a diastolic effect and prevents flatulence
- helpful for intestinal hypersensitivity
- helps to master your appetite for sweets
- alleviates symptoms of chronic fatigue
- pressurize
Isn't it magical?! That is why we add it to our teas :-)

Try our emotea Smile

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