emotea naturally healthy

Why do we write everywhere that emotea teas are naturally healthy?

Because the composition of our emotea teas is known to you - we state the FULL composition on the label, because social responsibility is as important to us as the quality of our products.

Emotea teas are free of any preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers.

Because all of the ingredients in emotea teas are carefully selected by us.

We do not add cooking oils, which weigh down the teas, alter their taste, smell and even color.

We do not add flavorings - the teas we select are naturally flavored - Earl Grey with bergamot and jasmine tea with jasmine.

And why? Because we are aware that the flavors added to teas are created in the laboratory, and those called "natural" are simply created from a huge number of ingredients of natural origin (so it may happen that they are also of animal origin).

We do not add dyes, our teas get their colors and hues only from the ingredients that are mixed in them. Even if it's hard to believe 😉.

We do not add candied fruits - which contain a lot of sugar in them, as well as various types of syrups - sweetened and with preservatives.

Instead, we add fruits dried by natural methods (not sulfur dioxide-type substances) and freeze-dried fruits - which retain the same minerals and vitamins as fresh ones (about freeze-dried fruits in the next article).

We add flowers, herbs, vegetables, spices, whose quality we are sure of.

And it is because of this that emotea teas are characterized by a different aroma after opening the bag - light, pleasant, with only a hint of leading aromas. About those with more herbs, you often say that the dryness brings to mind the smell of cut grass....

The taste is also unique - and it is given by our proprietary recipes. And we are extremely pleased that you not only like our flavors, but can already distinguish them from the flavors of other teas.

This is the greatest reward for us.

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