How to choose a gift for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is one of the most important days of the year.

It really is.

Because everyone has or had a mom and this is an undeniable fact. That is why it is worth thinking about the importance of this day beforehand, preparing the right gift. An appropriate one means one that will delight and move the mother, one that will appeal to her. And it will show her not only that we remember her, but also how we remember. Because a gift from the heart shows that it is a gift for someone important to us, and that we took the time and care to choose (or create) it.
Teas are a universal gift, well suited for practically everyone, even for coffee drinkers, who, after all, can not sip only coffee non-stop. :-)

And emotea teas are an unusual gift. Why?

Because in addition to their taste, smell and color, you can give a cup in a set. And of course all this from the heart beautifully wrapped in a set I love you Mom. With the Magic Card, so that mom would spend more time with herself while drinking tea. This is what she deserves most.

You can also choose another set from our collection, for example with naturally made chocolate or a candle. But the best thing is to create your own set perfect for your mom,

Let's remember our moms not only on their Mother's Day, but also every day, relieving them of duties that they often impose on themselves to make our lives easier.

And for those who will remember Mother's Day with emotion in their eyes over their mom's photo, we suggest brewing Calm down tea with a light scent of lavender. It will bring solace and allow you to deal with difficult emotions more easily, and also to fall asleep.

Have a nice celebration!

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