International Tea Day, clebration of Tea - the world's oldest drink

Does tea have its own holiday? 

Of course it does, currently it is the 21st of May. 

A great day for all tea lovers, tea related people, people involved in sustainability and ecology :-)

International Tea Day was moved from December to May (yes, yes!) because in most tea producing countries, the tea production season starts right in May. Because tea is central to many cultures and contributes to employment, export earnings and food security.

The day is celebrated primarily to increase tea consumption. The UN has recognized the medicinal properties of tea, but tea has also become an important component of its Sustainable Development Goals program. Tea has and will continue to play a key role in eliminating world hunger and poverty.

So many hard facts. And what is the celebration of tea for me?

A great excuse to drink tea with mindfulness. To buy a new tea pot in which I will admire the unfolding tea leaves, the flowers and fruits, the change in intensity. A new cup that I can comfortably hold in my hand, tasting the tea ... And at the same time trace the path which the tea took to reach my teapot, how much work, attention and trouble the people whose hands it passed through put into this process.

Or to return with memories to a place that inspires me to prepare a new flavor of tea.

It takes so little to feel the value of tea. And its flavor among many flavors....

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