Spring has come ...

Spring has come…

Everything around here wakes up to life and enjoys the return warmth and sunshine. And the next Easter is coming. Most of us are feeling, beyond joy, some kind of anxiety again.  But this time it is more related to the new situation in which we have been unexpectedly placed.

For me, the best thing I can offer myself when I'm forced to stay home is to try to be calm, careful. Being mindful of the surrounding nature. And relax with a cup of mindfulness emotea. 

Revival. This emotea will be perfect for me in the near future.

It fits in perfectly with the current atmosphere.  There are changes waiting for us.

And the beginning of the change is to understand the problem. We must let nature be reborn. Revival

The most interesting in this emotea s the hyssop, called "holy herb".  It supports our immune system, destroying viruses, the respiratory system in coughs and irritates the nose.  It is a perfect complement to the other ingredients for spring regeneration. And it also has a calming effect. 

Let us enjoy today and the upcoming days.  Let us appreciate the beauty and peace. Let us think positively.


Enjoy emotea!

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