Summer tea compositions

Drink tea to taste!

We can drink any tea in summer, yes, yes, there are no restrictions or contraindications to drinking tea in summer. Just remember not to make it too hot or too cold. As for the first one, it will certainly not come to your mind during hot weather, although in exotic and very hot countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey you can drink hot tea. And it is sweetened! Now most probably with white sugar, but if you ask for a healthier version, you will certainly hear about stevia or liquorice :-)

Chilled teas are great for hydrating, refreshing, energising or calming. But above all, they give the flavour of the moment!

How do I enhance the flavour of my tea?

I have written about the recipe for chilled tea before. Now let's focus on what to add to the tea itself. Of course we only add natural edible ingredients: fruits, spices, flowers, herbs, leaves.... Although you'll find them in emotea tea blends, it's a good idea to add fresh ones from the same set for enhanced flavour and aroma. Or others, those favourites that will bring back fond memories. Or new ones to satisfy curiosity and find new flavours.

TOP 5 of my most popular additions to chilled tea:

Mint leaf - sensational in summer! Refreshes, cools, repels insects! And it goes really well with the next ingredient, i.e.

Lemon/lime/pineapple - best served in pieces, put into a cup before pouring the tea; the slightly sour taste will make any hot day more pleasant

Rosehip - Surprising? Not necessarily, given that it is an excellent source of vitamin C and has a calming and cleansing effect

Blackberry leaf/ raspberry leaf/ strawberry leaf/ rosehip leaf - interestingly, freshly picked leaves contain acidic vitamin C and also smell delicately when you rub them in your hand

Seasonal fruit: mulberries, strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries - anything that comes to mind will add a distinctive flavour, from sweet to sour. Cool them slightly before putting them in your cup.
drobne owoce na blacie stołu

And the cherry ;-) the icing on the cake is to eat this chilled fruit at the end, after you've had your tea. The more impatient can eat them between sips :-D

Drink tea for its qualities!
Taste, smell, colour and even touch - enjoy them while drinking tea. Give yourself a moment to get used to new sensations, don't let summer bore you!

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