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It's "golden autumn" now. Outside the window a feast of warm colors, from bright yellows through beiges, rusty and cheerful oranges, blood reds to subdued burgundy and brown colors. How pleasant it is to look out the window with a cup of warm, aromatic tea. How about giving your body and mind even more relaxation? Create a home spa with ... tea?

tea poured from glass teapot to the smaller brown teapot, in the background table

Tea in a home spa?

As much as possible. For tasting and external use too :-)

Every one of us needs a moment of rest, time just for ourselves, during which to relax the body and mind. 

Schedule your time to be at home without the presence of others (at least in the room where you will create your home spa), create your own suitable atmosphere. You can light a mood light or your favorite candle, turn on music that relaxes you. Prepare your favorite body care products, a comprehensive set, a series that will take your body to the world of beauty.

And finally, choose your favorite (preferably green) emotea tea to complement the flavor of your relaxation. I recommend our ready emotea Harmony Spa with a candle".

Precede your body treatment with the ritual of brewing your favorite emotea tea. Remember to follow the recipe, temperature, steeping time, and wait so that the tea is not too hot.

And then sip your tea with small sips, immersing yourself in the world of aromatic cosmetics and reading the words written on the Magic Card. 

tea poured from a white teapot into a white cup, a table with a mat in the background

Take a cue from the traditions of the Far East.

How about using a Japanese ritual in your home to introduce your own world of relaxation?
Brew in a transparent pot such as our emotea teapot according to the recipe selected tea, I recommend emotea Purifying based on green tea with a scent of mint and daisy heather flowers :-)

Prepare your favorite cup and along with the tea pot, place it next to your cosmetics. While the tea is brewing, apply the first cosmetic, then pour the tea into the cup, sit or lie down comfortably and enjoy the taste of the brew. Watch the way the tea leaves unfold, the daisy flowers, how the fruit takes on color. As you drink your tea, close your eyes and try to identify and smell the aromas that come out of it. Surrender to a moment of blissful relaxation that will soothe your body and calm your mind and soul.

Use the brewed tea in the tea spa.
After finishing your treatments and drinking your tea, brew the tea again and pour it into a bowl of warm water, then dip your feet into the tea infusion and relax.

Find this kind of time for yourself at least once a week and you will feel a surge of peace to your life.

white candles and blanckets on the wet stone, with a white wall in the background

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