Tea for the first day of summer

Astronomical summer begins on the summer solstice, when the sun rises highest above the horizon and our shadow is the shortest of the year. 21.06.2021 falls on the longest day of the year, it will last as long as 16 hours and 47 minutes and this year it is extremely hot.

And what can you do to bring relief from the summer heat?

Drink as many beverages as possible, not just water, but other chilled drinks. Cool, not cold, so as not to freeze your heat-stricken throat. And also warm drinks - not hot, as hot drinks are never advisable for a change - drink drinks that are only below 60 degrees.

What drinks are good for us in the summer?

Of course, healthy, natural drinks, preferably water and juices and teas. Green tea has a cooling effect and even warm tea has a cooling effect on the body. White tea, on the other hand, quenches our thirst. Adding citrus fruit or herbs, such as mint, further enhances its effect.

Iced teas (ice teas) are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, most of them are sweetened, and dyes, flavour, aroma and colour enhancers are added to them. That's why I suggest you make your own summer tea, it will surely be delicious and healthy.

How to prepare homemade ice tea?

It's really simple, prepare a jug with a brewer, your favourite cup or mug, good quality water, your favourite tea, your favourite fruit and ice cubes.

Pour the tea into the jug, boil the water and pour the water over the tea at the temperature stated on the packet. It is important to brew the tea for the time stated on the packet, not every tea can be boiled! In the meantime, cut the fruit into pieces and place them in the cup. Let the tea cool to room temperature, pour it over the fruit and add ice cubes. Doesn't it taste delicious?

Summer is a great time to go wild!

Be creative this summer despite the heat! Try different additions, fruits, spices, herbs. The tried-and-tested way is of course to add a mint leaf or the all-too-familiar "geranium" to your tea, to enhance its flavour and add a refreshing taste. But don't limit yourself, introduce and combine new flavours :-)

Try our emotea teas that can be drunk in summer, for easy reference you will find them under TIP.

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