emoteas to warm up the autumn and winter cold

Despite global warming we can still expect cooler days to come. Let's reach for a reliable tea (with the most fitting emotea at the end) and add your favorite "warmers". In the current situation, #staying at home for a long time, let us be open to new tastes and smells. It's great, creative fun for everyone, and at the same time relaxing while carefully enjoying your favorite scents. Perhaps you will be tempted to guess what has been added?

emotea warming tea

 Experiment, add fruits, aromatic spices, herbs,  even those you think don't fit. And this is our top list of tea additives for warming up:
 The most popular: lemon, orange, grapefruit, apple, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla.
 Unusual: chokeberry, raspberry, cranberry, quince, aniseed, pepper, allspice, rosemary, thyme.

Remember not to drink tea too hot, wait until it cools down slightly. Only to such tea we should add fresh fruit. It is best to put them into a cup and pour the tea :-)
The latest research indicates that drinking tea at a temperature above 60 Celsius degrees can cause esophageal cancer. Let's take care of ourselves and our loved ones!  

I will tell you in secret that all our teas are suitable for adding extra fruit or spices. The ones that we think taste best this way are marked in the TIP description. Here are some of them: ThinkBlueRevival, Soul&Mind, Smile, Protection, Sleep Well 

I can't resist and at the very end I will also serve you two typical warming teas. These are Good Feeling and Excite. We recommend it warmly ;-)

And which tea is your favorite? 


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