Valentine's Day opportunities

Every day we have a reason to show positive emotions to ourselves and others. Not just on holidays and occasions created by and for people. 

Let's just be here and now for our loved ones.

Valentine's Day is a lovely initiative, important for some, overrated for others. Some wait all year to show their affection to their loved one(s). Others boycott it claiming that they don't need a holiday to show their love or friendship. As usual, the truth lies in the middle. In fact, the most important thing is to celebrate this "Valentine's Day" every day, not necessarily in a pompous way or by giving physical, expensive gifts. It is enough if we show our closest ones and friends our interest, understanding, support, spend some moments together carefully. It is just such "small" gestures and reflexes that carry enormous power.

And gifts? It's just a nice addition, emphasizing the importance of what we say and do. But if we choose it, let's put our hearts into it and choose what will make us happy.

So what kind of gifts we offer? With our emotea, of course!

The elegant LOVE set will be a hit. The same flavor of LOVE tea, but for color balance, in a red tin for Her (ForHer) and in an equally elegant black tin for Him (ForHim).

If you are looking for a more exclusive gift - there you go, we also have two to choose from, this time differing in flavor. The exclusive Calm Down set with a candle and Frenchpress (for Him) and Let's Celebrate set (for Her) with a teapot and chocolates. Or maybe the other way around?

Finally, I've left a home testing set, a pearl for lovers of our teas.

You can find our other gift sets here.

Let's make your and your loved ones' dreams come true.

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