Why tea ..

For many years, when I wanted to have a moment of peace, I made tea. There were always a lot of them in my house, a lot of flavors for different occasions.
I drank tea in glasses, others in cups, and at work I started drinking tea in a cup.
Later on, these cups brought to work were more and more sophisticated, fun and interesting.
And competition has  emerged, some of us even started to bring personalized cups. Or hand made.. At first I thought it was so much fun. However, when I talk to people who seem to imagine that this could be the beginning of entering the path of mindfulness.
Each of us has more or less experienced mindfulness in our daily lives. We often do this unconsciously, stopping for a moment during the day. We do not realize that this is the first step towards development and a more useful life. To enjoy small things.

This is how the idea of creating unique teas was born. I hope everyone here has the first clue to answer the following questions: 

What am I missing? What am I looking for?

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