Why our teas are so unique?

Why do we love tea?

Because we often drink it at home.

Because it can become these few moments just for yourself, moments of mindfulness.

Have time to understand your place in the world. Tea itself is healthy, and after adding herbs and other interesting ingredients it becomes a perfect gift idea. Tea is better than wine because it is suitable for everyone. And it allows you to slow down the pace of life and celebrate the moment.

I love to add interesting, yet generally known fruits to emotea teas. Just to be sure, are their valuable properties known widely?

Because a rainy autumn has just begun, let's have a closer look at the berberry fruit, called "Northern Lemon" or even "Polish Lemon", because berberry has been growing and used in Scandinavian and Polish cuisine since time immemorial.

Due to the high content of vitamin C and rutin, berries improve the general immunity of the body, especially in case of fever, in bacteriosis, mucositis, and increase the tightness of capillaries. They are also supported by carotenoids, pectin and mineral salts. Vitamin E, on the other hand, has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.

You can find berry fruits in our tea emotea Deep Blue 102


Give yourself or someone close to you something special.

Enjoy emotea!

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