Winter teas that is?

Winter is here, tea is essential

When the temperature starts to drop, nothing compares to a cup of hot (but not scalding!) tea. Whether it's to boost your immunity, get into the holiday spirit or simply enjoy a hot beverage, winter tea is always a great choice.

Does tea taste best in the winter?

The first day of winter has arrived, covering everything around with white powder.... It's getting dark earlier, too, and we're looking for warmth, coziness and wrapping around us. In winter we more often reach for tea - because it warms us up, tempts us with its tastes and scents, and in its sunny red shades sparkle the candles lit around us. Tea lovers know the feeling of joy that comes from savoring the simple pleasure of drinking, when a cup of your favorite tea warms your hands and the warm beverage spreads slowly over your body.
Tea routine

During the colder months, we incorporate tea into our daily routine because it's easier to avoid seasonal illnesses when we enjoy the natural health benefits of different ingredients and types of infusions. Most often, we choose ready-made blends that support the immune system, such as emotea Excite or warming ones like emotea Joy of life. But it's worth taking the time to spice up your winter tea by adding additional warming ingredients.

Make your own winter tea

You don't need much to make your own winter tea. All you need is your favorite base tea - pure (black, green, Rooibos...) or in blends (e.g. with flowers, fruits, spices) and your favorite additives.

If you like tea blends, simply enhance the flavor with the fruit, herb or spice used in the blend - for example, add a cinnamon stick, sliced apple, raspberries or a sprig of rosemary.
If you drink single-origin tea, it's even simpler - add your favourite ingredient, e.g. typical warming agents: aniseed, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom or flavour enhancers like vanilla or citrus. It is important that they are in pieces and not in powder. Chocolate and chili will also enliven the taste (these can be added powdered ;-))

In winter we like sweets

In winter we eat more sweets - also in tea. Firstly, the body is more covered ;-) And secondly, the chilled body needs a quick supply of energy.

And then we add natural sweeteners to our tea. I suggest adding licorice, stevia or honey. The latter when the tea is slightly cooled down.

Enjoy emotea winter tea!

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