Can taste be a brand image?

emotea dreams come true

What do we create?

Unique blends with tea as a star, original recipes created to highlight the health-promoting properties of the ingredients: teas, herbs, flowers, fruits, spices, and even vegetables... Tea, each of which has its own motto and referes to the world of emotions.

What do we want to offer?

Creating personal taste for Your Brand!

Tea is one of the most universal and recently a very trendy drink.
We want to offer you a new approach to integrating the brand with taste, the sense that is present in our everyday life.  Such as approach makes the brand come with us every day and becomes naturally close to us and people around us. We have regular emotional contact with it without expensive advertisements.
And this is precisely such tea which can be prepared especially for your Company.
Its composition can be created so that it is selected according to the associations we want to achieve e.g. gentleness, delicate taste can be emphasized by blue color. Intensity, power, more intense taste - by red color. In short - we offer a bold and unexpected combination of ingredients. Luxury, velvety taste and delicate color - there are many possibilities.
In addition, we can offer to adjust the taste to the color with witch your Company identifies yourself. Prices are set individually.

You can also choose a gift set from our offer 


You can choose any tea from our offer for this gift


Or You can prepare a completely individual set

Referring to the current Covid-19 situation, we offer as a motivational gift a set for home tea tasting

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