The power of apprecation

In light of Appreciation (Employee ;-)) Day, it's worth leaning into the topic of appreciation, because it's becoming important these days.

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, "feeling appreciated" was the most important reason employees liked their jobs. Good relationships with their supervisor came in second, followed by good relationships with colleagues in fourth place. Financial compensation only came in 8th place! On top of that, as many as four in five employees (81%) feel motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.

All this suggests that, contrary to what the consumerist world convinces us, the gesture itself is the most important thing. And a small gift attached to the words of appreciation, but sincere and coming from the heart, will emphasize the importance of the moment.

Let's use every opportunity to show our closest and most important people that they are important to us, they are part of our world, our success.

And how do you show your appreciation? To the people closest to you, but also to those around you (colleagues, co-workers?

By promoting a healthy lifestyle, emotea aims to give each person the opportunity to control their emotions by spending moments over a cup or mug of ;-) of your favourite tea. Research shows that taking breaks to take a few breaths or drink tea in peace is extremely important for everyone's mental health. And on top of that, it supports efficiency in the workplace.

We have some ideas for you to make the person you choose feel appreciated:

An emotea mindfulness tea testing giftset - a way to spend time at home with friends, or to sample emotea tea blends based on different teas of the world yourself

Hamorny Spa giftset - for a peaceful end to the day after a difficult day of work, emotions, a daily ritual.

The Ying Yang giftset to help balance the energy during the day (for the time of work or daily duties - a stimulus, for the evening - a relaxing drink before bedtime)

The exclusive Calm Down giftset - to emphasize the importance of relationships

Exclusive Let's Celebrate giftset - to give an opportunity to celebrate

Take a look into the world of emotea gifts.

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