Mindfulness Tea Purifying - No 104 - Blend of 9 ingredients based on green tea 40g

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"In order to build something, one must make room for it" 

Product contains: Tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm or paper pouch, magic card & small gift.  

 ingredients and benefit of ingredients according to generally available knowledge:

  • green tea is the healthiest drink on Earth, full of antioxidants and nutrients, supports brain activity and longevity, helps in losing weight 
  • mint supports the intestines work, soothes stomach, loosens, calms and supports falling asleep, neutralizes unhealthy mouth smell
  • daisy flower blood purifier, astringent, anti-inflammatory, supports metabolism
  • heather flower diuretic, bactericidal, depurates, prevents reduces inflammation
  • chokeberry rich in vitamins, bactericidal, strengthens immunity, anti-inflammatory
  • allspices diastoles, fumigates, relives in heartburn, supports gastric acid-making 
  • yuzu rich in vitamin C, protects against infections
  • rosehip rich in vitamin C and minerals, strengthens and improves immunity
  • ginger anti-inflammatory, fumigates

Unique composition will open the world of emotions.

    For best taste and aroma and adorable look prepare in glass teapot/French Press

    • Water temperature 70C / 158F
    • Recommended Steep Times 4 minutes
    • First soak 4 min then re-steep 2-3 times

    • Number of cups approx. 20

    Glass is not included.