Mindfulness Tea Beauty You - No 105

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"Beauty comes from inside" 

You get blend of 5 ingredients based on white tea. this tea with all the ingredients stimulate your body and the magic card to boost your mind to feel beautiful.

Try this floral with fruity note taste, you feel beauty.

  • white tea is a real "elixir of youth", protects against free radicals, 
  • heartsease gets rid of the toxins from the body, is the best for smooth skin and beautiful hair
  • black elderflower increases immunity, supports skin and body depuration
  • blackcurrant fruit revitalizing and anti-inflammatory effect
  • heartsease petals full of vitamins and minerals 

Above described ingredients and benefit of ingredients according to generally available knowledge.

For best taste and aroma and adorable look prepare in glass teapot.

  • Water temperature 90C / 194F 
  • Recommended Steep Time 6 minutes
  • First soak 6 min. then re-steep 2-3 times

You can choose tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm or paper pouch; Magic Card & small gift is always included.

Weight 40 g

 Glass is not included.