Mindfulness Tea Magic Might - No 120

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"Each of us possess the power to create ordinary and great things"

 By choosing this tea blend of 7 ingredients based on black tea you are choosing your dreams. Because this is a magical tea that will inspire you to dream and make your dreams come true. And the Magic Card will help you to do it. 

Enjoy this sweet with a sour note taste. 

  • black tea slows down the ageing process, improves memory and brain activity, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood glucose
  • blackberry leaf rich of flavonoids, antibacterial, improves immune system, prevents mouth and teeth problems 
  • blackberry fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre, antioxidant and antibacterial 
  • cirsium “magical herb”, detoxicates and depurates, helpful in losing weight, strengthens immune system 
  • beetroot rich in nutrients and fibre, improves immunity, lower blood pressure and strengthens blood circulation system
  • mallow flower source of essential oils and organic acids, protects throat against air pollutions
  • licorice "sweet herb", inhibits tooth decay, prevents dental stone, alleviates hoarseness and cough

Above described ingredients and benefit of ingredients according to the generally available knowledge.

For best taste and aroma and adorable look prepare in glass teapot 

  • Water temperature 95C / 203F
  • Recommended Steep Time 4 minutes
  • Number of cups approx. 20

You can choose tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm or paper pouch, magic card & small gift. is always included.  

For best taste and aroma and adorable look prepare in glass teapot 

Weight 40 g

Glass is not included.