emotea 6 pcs Gift Set With Friends

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Share pleasure and discover the incredible flavour of emotea with Your Friends!  

Each tea in this collection is packed in a paper can 4,5x5,5 cm, it is a unique blend of tea with message that will open the world of emotions.

Pleasure 115

Ingredients: white tea, lungwort leaf, daisy flower, sea buckthorn fruit, mulberry fruit, freeze-dried lemon fruit, hawthorn fruit. +/- 10 g

Energy Boost 301

Ingredients: Earl Grey tea, cornflower, sunflower, currant leaf, lapacho, hawthorn berry (Mayflower berry), mulberry fruit, bidens, allspices. +/- 10 g

Creativity 107

Ingredients: black tea, mullein flower (golden torch), goldenrod, cascara, vanilla, allspices, freeze-dried strawberry fruit. +/- 10 g

Joy of Life 108

Ingredients: Rooibos, chrysanthemum flower, freeze-dried strawberry fruit, vanilla, chocolate, chillies, cinnamon. +/- 10 g

Love 122

Ingredients: Oolong tea, linden, rosemary, camomile, freeze-dried blackcurrant fruit. +/- 10 g

Intention 109

Ingredients: jasmine tea, screw pine (pandanus), mallow flower, bidens, freeze-dried blackberry fruit, dried pear, Damiana. +/- 10 g

Share and enjoy emotea!