emotea 6 pcs Gift Set For Your Beauty

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Inner beauty is maybe the most important and necessary thing in each person's life. With our emotea you may be whole beauty. 

Each tea in this collection is packed in a paper can 4,5x5,5 cm, it is a unique blend of tea with message that will open the world of emotions.

Beauty you 105

Ingredients: white tea, black elderflower, heartseases petals, heartsease herb, freeze-dried blackcurrant fruit. +/- 10g

Purifying 104

Ingredients: green tea, mint, chokeberry, heather flower, daisy flower, allspices, yuzu fruit, freeze - dried ginger, rosehip. +/- 10g


Ingredients: matcha, rose petals, blackberry leaf, kaffir lime, mulberry leaf, stevia (sweetleaf), goji berry. +/-10g

Rejuvenation 114

Ingredients: white tea, daisy flower, acmella, lavender flower, rosehip, coneflower. +/- 10g

Soul & Mind 110

Ingredients: green tea, bidens, kaffir lime, hop cones, mallow flower. +/- 10g

Sleep Well 302

Ingredients: jasmine tea, hop cones, linden, lemongrass, screw pine (pandanus), mallow flower, Cornelian cherry. +/-10g

Enjoy and be beaty... with emotea