Mindfulness Tea Spiritual Peace - No123 - Blend of 7 ingredients based on matcha tea 40g

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"Concentration without Stimulation"

Product contains: Tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm or paper pouch, magic card & small gift. 

 ingredients and benefit of ingredients according to generally available knowledge:

  • matcha tea is “the darling of the tea world”, antioxidants powerhouse, supports weight loss, helps concentrate and focus, protects the heart

  • stevia (sweetleaf)  "natural sweetener without calories" helps control sugar and insulin levels, weight and lower blood pressure

  • pomegranate flower very rich in nutrients and antioxidants, improves memory, prevents wrinkles and premature ageing of skin
  • raspberries source of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, strengthen the immune system, improves skin health
  • raspberry leaf source of vitamin C, B, minerals and antioxidants, "woman's herb" also
  • yuzu rich in vitamin C, protects against infections
  • coconut highly nutritious, rich in minerals, provides carbs and proteins, stabilizes the blood sugar, supports weight loss

Unique composition will open the world of emotions.

      For best taste and aroma and adorable look prepare in glass teapot 

      • Water temperature 80C / 194F
      • Recommended Steep Time 4 minutes
      • First soak 4 min. then re-steep 5-6 times
      • Number of cups approx. 20

      Flavor: sweet, sour and hint of bitterness


      Glass is not included