emotea Creativity Gift eco set with cup and chocolate

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We are all creative, since childhood. And we all need to focus to achieve our goals. We created this set precisely to stimulate the imagination.

emotea Creativity Gift eco set contains two teas:

emotea CREATIVITY tea 107 - unique composition of tea, herbs, flowers, fruits, spices with bit of coffee, packed in metal tin 8x8cm, weight +/- 45g

Ingredients: black tea, mullein flower (golden torch), goldenrod, cascara, vanilla, allspices, freeze-dried strawberry fruit.  

emotea FOCUSED tea 118  - unique composition of tea, herbs, flowers and fruits, packed in paper can 4,5x5,5, weight +/- 10g

Ingredients: green tea, lemongrass, sunflower, currant leaf, hawthorn fruit 

Magic card & small gift 

Simple glass cup +/- 150 ml 

Handmade chocolate with fruits and/or flowers+/- 100 g 

Artistic hand packed in ecological cardboard box with ecological filling.