emotea Mindfulness tea tasting set at home

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We recommend you this Mindfulness tea testing set. Let's spend evenings creatively with family and friends. Discover the world of mindfulness teas with emotea!

emotea Mindfulness tea tasting at home contains 5 teas packed in a paper cans 4,5x5,5cm:

Mindfulness 101

Ingredients: white tea, prickly pear flower, goji berry, blackcurrant fruit, nettle, currant leaf, rosehip +/- 10g

Deep Blue 102

Ingredients: green tea, lemon balm, kaffir lime, barberry fruit, freeze-dried blackcurrant fruit, blackmallow flower, bilberry fruit. +/- 10g

Assent 103

Ingredients: yerba mate, prickly pear flower, red clover flower, barberry fruit, lemon verbena, goji berry, freeze- dried pineapple. +/- 10 g

Intention 109

Ingredients: jasmine tea, screw pine (pandanus), mallow flower, bidens, freeze-dried blackberry fruit, dried pear, Damiana. +/- 10 g

Good Feeling 116

Ingredients: Earl Grey, orange, lemon balm, currant fruit, marigold flower +/- 10g

Magic card & small gift,

Traditional chinese gaiwan +/- 160 ml 


Handmade chocolates +/- 50 g 

Artistic hand packed in ecological cardboard box with ecological filling.

Have a great time and a lot of fun!