Mindfulness Tea Energy Boost - No 301 - Blend of 9 ingredients based on Earl Grey 55g-27 cups

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Tea for a gift or your personal tea. Product contains: 
Tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm, magic card & small gift.  
Unique composition of tea, herbs, flowers, fruits and message that will open the world of emotions. This tea motto:

"The warming power comes from inside" 

benefit of ingredients according to generally available knowledge:

  • Earl Grey tea clears the mind, strengthens teeth, improves digestion, relaxes
  • sunflower is an "Aztecs sun" rich in vitamins and antioxidants, helps in sore throat, improves digestion
  • currant leaf rich in vitamin C, improves the immune system, increases blood flow throughout the body
  • lapacho is a "Inks tea, source of life" natural antibiotic, increases blood and bone marrow health, improves the immunity, slows down the aging process
  • hawthorn berry heart tonic, antioxidant, improves the digestion of nutrients, calms and helps in insomnia 
  • mulberry fruit rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, lower blood sugar, helps in losing weight and diabetes prevention
  • bidens purifies the body and blood, removes useless components from the body, strengthens the body, reliefs in migraines
  • allspices full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, heart protector, strengthens immunity 
  • cornflower helpful in weakness and anxiety, makes skin soft

For best taste and aroma prepare in glass teapot 

  • Water temperature 100C / 212F
  • Recommended Steep Time 4-5 minutes
  • Number of cups approx. 27