Traditional gaiwan 160 ml

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Gaiwan is a traditional chinese teacup with lid which is used for making green tea.

This one is made of heat resistant glass, with filter and easy take out. It’s made of food-class materials, easy to use, quick brewing. Will not absorb odors, thus preserving the original taste of our emotea.

How to brew the tean in gaiwan?

1. Boil fresh filtered water to 175°.

2. Add emotea to your empty gaiwan.

3. Avoid pouring your water directly onto the tea leaves.  Instead, try to first pour along the sides of gaiwan.

4. Cover emotea with water and steep uncovered emotea for just a few seconds.

5. Pour emotea out into your second glass through a strainer into the sharing pitcher. 

6. Enjoy emotea from your small tea cups. 

7.  Resteep many times, increasing the steep time by a few seconds or to taste.

Volume: 160 ml