Tea Smile - No 202 - Blend of 7 ingredients based on Rooibos 60g-30 cups

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Tea for a gift or your personal tea.
Product contains:
Tea packed in a metal tin can 8x8x8cm, magic card & small gift.
Unique composition of tea, herbs, flowers, fruits and message that will open the world of emotions. 

This tea motto:

"Let a smile be with you"

benefit of ingredients according to generally available knowledge:

  • Rooibos “unusual herbs for everyone”, low in tannins and free from caffeine and oxalic acid, rich in antioxidants, helps in sleep problems, allergies, headaches, colic
  • daisy flower blood purifies, astringent, anti-inflammatory, improves metabolism

  • lemon grass improves the mood, clears the head, soothes headache and muscles
  • sea buckthorn fruit rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, empowers and regenerates 
  • licorice "sweet herb", inhibits tooth decay, prevents dental stone, alleviates hoarseness and cough
  • strawberry purifies the body, supports psychological stability, strengthens metabolism
  • bidens purifies the body and blood, removes useless components from the

    body, strengthens the body, reliefs in migraines

        For best taste and aroma prepare in teapot 

        • Water temperature 95C / 203F
        • Recommended Steep Time 5-6 minutes
        • First soak 5-6 min then re-steep 2 times
        • Number of cups approx. 30

        TIP For better taste put an apple to the cup before pour the tea.